We meet heroes everyday, great and small, and often in the most unexpected situations.

Thanks to u

People carry out kind, thoughtful and heroic acts every day.

Remarkable actions and positive words can make someone’s day, and even change someone’s life.

But these wonderful people – passers-by, colleagues, bus drivers, nurses or friends, may disappear before we have a chance to thank them properly.

So – roll back the weeks, the months, or even the years. You can now reach that person on this site, by saying “Thanks To You“

Your hero, your important person, or your kind stranger may never read it. But others will. And they will recognise the importance of such acts of kindness.

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Latest thank you messages

Message To: Woman in 20s, red hair, black dungarees

Date: 01-07-2021

Place: Tavern on the Green, New York

Wow, thank you for stopping to help me. I was in shock so i probably didn't thank you properly. I don't know what happened but I fell over, dropped my bag, and dislocated my shoulder. Thank you for finding my bag for me, keeping me safe, and getting me to hospital. I feel so bad I can't remember your name, but think it was Lauren or Laura or Lise. I hope you see my message - you were awesome! Thank you!! xxx

- Pippa Tierry

Message To: Volunteers who cleaned up the Lake Accotink trail

Date: 18-07-2021

Place: Annandale, VA

Thanks to all the volunteers who cleaned up litter along the Accotink trail and lake area! It's a small park on a big planet, but keeping it beautiful is important, nonetheless.

- Kirstin Armstrong

Message To: Lady in red coat

Date: 24-12-2020

Place: Bamburg, Northumberland

Thank you for helping me find my dog Buddy. I was shouting like crazy for him when I lost him in the sand dunes. Thank you for staying with me even though it was getting dark, and helping me to find him again. I'm sure you had things to do and places to go - it was Christmas Eve. I would have been completely distraught if you hadn't helped me. It was such a massive relief when he finally found us!!! Thank you so much for being so very kind, Polly x

- Polly Gardiner

Message To: Medics and scientists

Date: 23-05-2020

Place: Across the UK

Thank you for working to find a cure or treatment for Covid 19. My dad has just been discharged from hospital after contracting Covid 19. He survived thanks to all the wonderful committed people who are working so hard to find a cure or treatment for this terrible virus. I know your own families and health is being affected. I am inspired by the dedication of people like yourselves. Thank you most sincerely. James

- James Dunn
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