We meet heroes everyday, great and small, and often in the most unexpected situations.

Thanks to u

People carry out kind, thoughtful and heroic acts every day.

Remarkable actions and positive words can make someone’s day, and even change someone’s life.

But these wonderful people – passers-by, colleagues, bus drivers, nurses or friends, may disappear before we have a chance to thank them properly.

So – roll back the weeks, the months, or even the years. You can now reach that person on this site, by saying “Thanks To You“

Your hero, your important person, or your kind stranger may never read it. But others will. And they will recognise the importance of such acts of kindness.

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Latest thank you messages

Message To: Gentleman who gave me his shoes in Henley

Date: 04-07-2018

Place: Henley on Thames

Thank you so much to the lovely man who gave me his shoes in Henley after seeing that I was struggling to walk in my ridiculously high heels! I was in so much pain that I forgot to ask your address so that I could send the shoes back! Please please drop me a message if you see this!!

- Emily Tench

Message To: Matty

Date: 24-06-2018

Place: Torronto

Thank you for fixing my car, making me laugh, being my rock, and simply an all round wonderful guy xxxxx

- Suzie

Message To: The man who gave me a piggy back

Date: 28-06-2018

Place: Liverpool

You were so kind, I just want to thank you. I was the dipsy person in the broken shoes with very sore feet. I don't know how I'd have made it to the bus station if you hadn't given me a piggy back and dropped me off right by my bus. Thank youuuuuu so much!!!!!

- Kerry Doncaster

Message To: Two cyclists who found Hetty, my dog

Date: 17-06-2018

Place: Swansea

Thank you so much for catching my dog and ringing me. Feel really bad that she got out onto the road. She escaped when we were having a barbie and we didn't realise she'd got out. Don't know if I said thank you to you, I was in shock and thought we'd lost her. I really hope you get to see this - thank you again! xxx

- Sandra
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