We meet heroes everyday, great and small, and often in the most unexpected situations.

Thanks to u

People carry out kind, thoughtful and heroic acts every day.

Remarkable actions and positive words can make someone’s day, and even change someone’s life.

But these wonderful people – passers-by, colleagues, bus drivers, nurses or friends, may disappear before we have a chance to thank them properly.

So – roll back the weeks, the months, or even the years. You can now reach that person on this site, by saying “Thanks To You“

Your hero, your important person, or your kind stranger may never read it. But others will. And they will recognise the importance of such acts of kindness.

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Latest thank you messages

Message To: NHS vaccinators, scientists, lab workers...

Date: 31-08-2021

Place: UK generally

Our NHS are blummin brilliant. Thanks for the vaccine, the research, the long hours, the hard work. You are life savers.

- Siobhan Newgate

Message To: Whoever's been feeding me for the past 3 weeks

Date: 07-10-2021

Place: Edinburgh

My owners would like to thank whoever's been caring for me since they moved house. I got confused about where I lived and got a bit lost for 3 weeks. I'm home in my new hoose now with Rob and Katie and they want to thank you for feeding me and then letting me out to find my mum and dad again :)

- Arthur the cat. Tabby with white chest and stripy tail.

Message To: Dan - paramedic

Date: 10-09-2021

Place: Kings College Hospital, London

I hope you get this message Dan. You helped to save my life when I was lying on the road after being knocked off my cycle. I'm doing OK now but if you hadn't got to me quickly I don't think I'd be here now. Sorry I didn't get your last name, but I'll always remember you and I hope you get this. Dan from Devon, with the kindest voice and a very reassuring smile. Thank you for saving my life.

- Lucy Maxwell

Message To: The guy picking up trash

Date: 09-09-2021

Place: Kuaui

It was inspiring to see someone walking along the side of the road with a bucket and gloves … just great to know that people are doing little things to take care of the planet

- David
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