We meet heroes everyday, great and small, and often in the most unexpected situations.

Thanks to u

People carry out kind, thoughtful and heroic acts every day.

Remarkable actions and positive words can make someone’s day, and even change someone’s life.

But these wonderful people – passers-by, colleagues, bus drivers, nurses or friends, may disappear before we have a chance to thank them properly.

So – roll back the weeks, the months, or even the years. You can now reach that person on this site, by saying “Thanks To You“

Your hero, your important person, or your kind stranger may never read it. But others will. And they will recognise the importance of such acts of kindness.

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Latest thank you messages

Message To: My mum

Date: 10-06-2018

Place: Newcastle upon Tyne

I would like to thank my lovely mum for helping me to decorate my new house xxxxxxx

- Chloe

Message To: Paramedics from the Royal Free

Date: 18-05-2018

Place: London

You saved my life mates. I'm truly lost for words. What a marvellous job you do. I didn't even know I had a heart problem. You were amazing, thank you. I get to go on living, thanks to you. I'm sorry I didn't get your names, but thank you.

- Anit

Message To: Sam the bath

Date: 01-05-2018

Place: Norwich

Cheers mate! You fixed the leak, found another 2 leaks and fixed them anall. Said I'd give ya a mention. We all need good honest fixers like you around!

- Terri

Message To: Doctors and nurses at James Cook Hospital

Date: 21-05-2018

Place: Cleveland

My grateful thanks to all the staff who looked after my mum recently. She's home again and making a good recovery. You work through the night and the weekends and may feel we don't appreciate you - but we do!!

- Lucy Pinder
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