We meet heroes everyday, great and small, and often in the most unexpected situations.

Message To: Lady at ice-cream van

Date: 16-06-2019

Place: Bolton

Thanks to the lady who helped me when my little girl fell over. She gave me tissues to put on her cut knees, and more tissues to wipe the ice-cream off her face. Then she bought her another ice cream to stop her crying. You were a life-saver, whoever yu are!

- Bazza, Bolton

Message To: All my mates at Lincoln High

Date: 01-04-2019


Thanks for the good times, can't believe we're all leaving. Keep in touch :)

- Sonny Bamburgh

Message To: Iolathe

Date: 07-05-2019

Place: Musselburgh

Thank you for saving my life. Thank you for staying with me all the way along this long hard rocky road. It's been so tough but you've been my rock. Thank you so much.

- Anna

Message To: My dad Peter Jennings

Date: 01-05-2019

Place: Chester

I want to thank you formally dad for teaching me how to drive. You are a great teacher. I passed!!!!! Please can I borrow the car now?

- Jamie