We meet heroes everyday, great and small, and often in the most unexpected situations.

Message To: My mum

Date: 10-06-2018

Place: Newcastle upon Tyne

I would like to thank my lovely mum for helping me to decorate my new house xxxxxxx

- Chloe

Message To: Paramedics from the Royal Free

Date: 18-05-2018

Place: London

You saved my life mates. I'm truly lost for words. What a marvellous job you do. I didn't even know I had a heart problem. You were amazing, thank you. I get to go on living, thanks to you. I'm sorry I didn't get your names, but thank you.

- Anit

Message To: Sam the bath

Date: 01-05-2018

Place: Norwich

Cheers mate! You fixed the leak, found another 2 leaks and fixed them anall. Said I'd give ya a mention. We all need good honest fixers like you around!

- Terri

Message To: Doctors and nurses at James Cook Hospital

Date: 21-05-2018

Place: Cleveland

My grateful thanks to all the staff who looked after my mum recently. She's home again and making a good recovery. You work through the night and the weekends and may feel we don't appreciate you - but we do!!

- Lucy Pinder