We meet heroes everyday, great and small, and often in the most unexpected situations.

Message To: Mary Dan Collin Charlie Rachel Shella Mark Macius Steve Cliff Pete Michellina Michel Tony Denise Luce

Date: 07-07-2017

Place: Gateshead

I give all my thanks to people who helped me when I came here. I had nothing. You gave me kindness and you saw my sadness. You gave me food and you helped me. I always remember you. I thank you now by my work. I work as a nurse and now give this kindness and help to other people.

- Ahmed

Message To: Person who handed my bag in in House of Fraser

Date: 23-07-2017

Place: Newcastle upon Tyne

Whoever the kind person is who handed my bag in yesterday - thank you so very much. I was trying to cope with a double buggy, electric shocks from the static, and trying to change a hungry baby. I left my bag with keys, purse etc etc hanging in a cubicle. Thank you so much for handing it in - I wish you'd left your name. I hope you get to see this thank you xx

- Sarah MacD

Message To: Matt

Date: 23-07-2017

Place: Bamburgh

Thank you for being the sunshine in my life, the waves on my beach and the vinegar on my fish and chips. I am so so glad you're in my life. Thank you for making me so happyyyy ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

- Elspeth

Message To:

Date: 07-07-2017

Place: Tynemouth

Thanks to Maisey my furry friend, for coming into my life. Thank you for old friends and new and all we've been through, embroidering my life with taffeta and silk thread. Thanks for the love of the love of my life. Thanks for the family born into who’ve become friends and all the families I know who've shared with me. Thanks for what colours my life! Thanks for this page of gratitude cuz that's what makes this life magical! xx

- Catherine P